A little bit of tea and cakes

I am a huge tea lover, i could drink tea all day which i guess is really bad (i only put in 1tsp of brown sugar if that helps). Getting the opportunity to go afternoon tea is something that i am therefore always up and ready for.

Sometimes i do get in a pickle on what to wear and as most girls i repeat that "ugh i have nothing to wear". Afternoon tea is one of those sort of posh events where the high heels come out as well as the desired look of a sophisticated yet a little laid back women.

I recently went to afternoon tea and thought i would share my outfit with you, by no means am i a daring fashion guru or whatever, but yes i like to share how i look like.

As you can see from the photo, i wore a mustard outfit paired with a white shirt. I personally love the colour mustard, i believe its one of those colours you can wear during both summer and autumn.

Recently i have noticed the trend in culottes, even though i have gotten onto the bandwagon a bit late, i'm in love with this style. It can be worn both up and down, i decided to wear it a bit up and classy with a pair of black wedge heels, which sadly did not make there appearance in the photo.

Since it's summer i wanted to go bright, so i opted for a white shirt. Initially i was going to wear a white off the shoulder top, but my sun burnt did not look appealing and i felt that the white shirt looked more classy. By opening up the first button it looked a bit more casual, which was what i wanted, a smart yet casual look.

In terms of jewellery, i love my necklaces but decided it would be too much with the outfit i was wearing. So, i decided to go for some long feathered type earrings in the colour mustard to match my culottes. By the way they are from Primark and were only £3.00! I never used to wear long earrings until recently, i felt that i had a baby face therefore long earrings looked a tad weird on me.

But only recently, i feel like i look much older (i probably don't). So long earrings, hoop earrings seem more appealing to me as well as now wearable.

I'm not a big fan of bracelets, wow my childhood self would be disgusted right now. I decided to just wear my daily watch which just so happened to be white and matched perfectly.

When it came to my hair, i decided to leave it curled and out. However if i was to wear this look again i would also wear a middle parting with straightened hair, all sleek behind my ears.

Off coarse, afternoon tea doesn't always have to be a casual smart thing it can be whatever. I would love to know your favourite style for afternoon tea, as well as whether your a tea or coffee person.


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