About Me

Do you ever feel like you have a bigger purpose in life?

 Hi, my name is Bandana and I am 23 years old. I am a history graduate who enjoys writing. 

I don’t write to earn money, I don’t write to show off, I don’t write to tell you how to live your life. 

I write for my own enjoyment and benefit. No, I'm not an amazing writer, I make punctuation and grammatical errors sometimes but honestly it doesn't stop me.

Being able to talk about various topics I enjoy helps me sustain my thoughts and my feelings. I figure myself out more everytime i write about a topic I enjoy. 

For me blogging is an escape, it’s an expression of everything I’m thinking. 

Sometimes I like to illustrate my ideas to you, to the world in order to help, or maybe get people thinking.

Not every topic is original and neither does it have to be, there will be times I talk about something unique and there will be times where I talk about makeup or skincare. Does it really matter? No, because whatever I write is a little passion of me that I like to share.

If you do come across my blog, I hope you enjoy reading it and letting me know your thoughts.

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