About Me

Hi Everyone!

I am the creator of this blog, Bandana  - a 4"10 girl who is 22 years old and a History graduate.

Yes pretty surprising, because i look like a 12 year old, who infact still gets ID'd for Redbull.

I have always had a passion for writing and being creative. Not gonna lie, i wasn't really the best at  English writing in school but that clearly didn't stop me...

Because here i am, with a blog full of passion, photography and random topics that hopefully you and i both enjoy reading! I aspire to be different (but still normal), through the topics i write about. I want everyone to not only feel interested but also connected with some of my posts.

Being young, i'm still experiencing life and finding out more about myself. Every action that i take, i want to be proud of, so i guess it would be nice to take you on my journey.

Wow, that became sentimental fast!

Let's face it, I'm a girl and i love all things beauty and fashion. 

As typical as it may be, i am  going to off coarse be writing posts surrounding these topics. I am not an expert and amazing at it, but i still love it and i love sharing what i am passionate about. 

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and join me on my journey! 
Off coarse, any advice and feedback would be much appreciated :)

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