We are making History

All of a sudden, life feels like it has become on standstill. Reality feels dysphoric as we fight this pandemic.

However, we are making history.

This experience is far beyond one nation, instead the entire world has come together to fight this pandemic. We have learnt to be more compassionate and help those in need. Our doctors, nurses and all keyworkers have become our heroes. Many individuals at home are using social media to connect with others, documenting their life during this crisis. Isn't that history?

What really fascinates me about this pandemic, is that our future generations will learn about this global crisis. They will witness captured moments, memoirs and first hand accounts of the individuals who were on the front lines. Better yet they will have us - we are able to tell them our perspective.

The generations to come will learn that differences within race/religion, skin colour, personality, status and so on, are all meaningless. At the end of the day we are all one, we are all humans.

We experience the same emotions and the same needs. 

I love history due to the knowledgeable asset of being able to learn from the past, as the past can help us sometimes better our present and future. For example, this crisis hopefully makes us appreciate the beauty of nature, basic necessities and other individuals.


Following social distance rules is not an easy concept. Being seperated from our loved ones and the outside world is hard; it can make you feel lost. However, this could be a lesson to show the importance of spending time with family and friends, connecting with different people in-person rather than over social media. Maybe we will start to understand the importance of a smile, handshake and hug.

Of course, once this pandemic ends everyone will count their blessings and appreciate the little things in life. That is untill normality returns and the once 2020 pandemic is a distant memory. 

History is a great tool in reminding us of the past. History lives through books, letters, education, social media and the news. I have always believed that forgotten history is condemned to repeat itself. 

My basic point is, we should always count our blessings for what we have and help others in need; we should use face to face communication rather than solely relying on social media and other technologies. Let's focus on life from our own prespectives rather than someone elses. Let's read to keep our minds active and to keep ourselves learning. Let the past events remind us that we are all humans and we should help one another.
We want our future generations to become inspired by the real heroes - our doctors, nurses, teachers and all the individuals that went the extra mile during this pandemic. We want them to learn about the effects of Covid19 on businesses, the economy, the science and the lives. 


So they can learn and prepare themselves for their own future. They can be more equipped to deal with uncertainty. 


As we look for more ways to entertain ourselves/ document our lives, many of us have been either making tik toks, instagram videos and snapchatting. This may sound silly but each video you make is a document of history. It's what will help future generations understand what the world went through, how the world coped, how we appreciated keyworkers by clapping every Thursday at 8pm. Each video, card or letter is a glimpse of our life.

History doesn't mean we can stop future events from taking place. Instead history allows us to evolve in becoming better equipped at preparing for the future; we can protect our people and become better individuals.

What is the overall point?

Overall, life may seem hard right now but remember you are an important witness of a big historic event. You are vital in passing on your teachings from this event to your children and so on. 

To do so question what you have learnt, what you appreciate and what you want your kids to learn and value in the future.

Right now, we are in the same boat...
                                              we are all making history.


  1. Yes very true this is definitely a historical moment in our lives. Nice job Bandana x

  2. I couldn't agree more with this post - we are making history and I think future generations will judge us for how we behaved and reacted to the pandemic. Counting our blessings and being grateful for what we have is never more important than right now. Great post, thank you! Lisa x

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! Yes definitely we should always be thankful everyday in both and positive and negative situations :)

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