Reminding myself of life

As you get older you become more consumed by the world, by jobs, technology, social media and beauty. We are constantly always on the go trying to get the most out of our life, as life is short and you don’t want to live with regrets. 

Have you ever taken a moment to let go of all of that and think about your soul and the universe? 

We are all so focused on running around that we forget to focus on being living beings and feeling alive, we forget to be grateful for being able to breathe. 

This is why meditation is so important and why it brings peace; you become in touch with your mind, body and soul. You become in touch with reality and let go of the world. Of course, this is a difficult thing to do and requires concentration and practice, but it’s certainly not impossible for anyone.

I remember when I used to think life was having a big career, looking pretty and making loads of money. Growing up i thought that was happiness, however the truth is it’s all temporary; it isn’t going to make me happy in the long term. When we leave this world none of those things matter. 

It’s great to want those things, to strive for your goals, there’s nothing wrong and I would encourage it. However, don’t become so consumed that you forget about life and forget to be thankful and grateful for each breathe you take.

Like I said before when we leave this world none of those things matter. Whether you're rich, poor, a different race or religion, it doesn’t matter - we all have to one day depart. This is the biggest similarity we have in our path but the only thing that will never leave you in life and after life - your soul and God. So why are we not focusing on the things that won’t actually leave us?

Reflecting back to my childhood this definition of happiness and life was not made known to me especially in our society. Maybe this is why we felt so pressurised and stressed to get that degree, big job, getting maried etc. From a young age we considered this to be happiness; we considered this as having lived life, even if it meant you weren't happy - to me that makes no sense. I wasn't ever taught how to use breathing to feel tranquil and the benefits of it, everything was just constant running beyond my pace.

As i got older this became more clearer to me, especially once i started working. I realised that sure it was great making money but it did not make me feel internally happy or alive. However, a small act of kindness seemed to have an ever lasting effect, feeling infinite. It me feel genuinly happy and human. This moment made me think more about my actions and delve deeper into what I want to achieve, why and how will it better my soul.

This is one of my goals for 2021 as it’s something that even I struggle reminding myself - to wake up and saying my thanks, to go to sleep saying thanks, to every happiness I experience saying thanks. My aim is to reflect, evolve and become more connected to my inner self. To be more in touch with my soul, to be thankful for each breathe I take.

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