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Bronze me Rhianna!

Hi All!

Can everyone just take 5 seconds to reminisce the moment we all heard Fenty beauty was launching in Boots.

Friday 10th May 2019, Rhianna's makeup Brand Fenty Beauty finally made it's launch in Boots, and even though i'm meant to be saving, i cannot help but feel excited to go into boots and spend (then cry later).

Despite not owning everything Fenty, i have slightly dabbled into the brand owning some products aswell as making a recent purchase of the Bronzer. 

The History of the Nath

Hi all!

It is the the jewels that are beckoned by women
Not women who are beautified by them:
A women unbejewelled will still enrapture,
But who looks twice at any girl-less gem?

[From Sharangadhara-Paddhati, tr. probably John Brough]

Nose Rings also known as a Nath, has become one of the biggest fashion trends to come about, with its upscaling popularity. 

But has its significance and meaning, become lost and overshadowed by style and trend?

Jumping On Trends

Hi all!

I will be honest and confirm that i am a hypocrite upon the subject of jumping on board with trends. As much as i try and convince myself that i will not conform and be different, it never really works out.

But here is a great question for you to think about so early on in this post. What trends have you been a part of? Were there any that you were ashamed of being involved in?

New Beginnings

Who doesn't love a bit of glow?  
As the cold, icy winter passes by, the sun and birds are out, as well as my spring/summer makeup. Even though the summer sweat creates magic in itself; making me glow a bit more than i need to, we can all agree finding a foundation that keeps oilyness at bay, yet lasts all day long is hard.
Now, i know what you're thinking, Estée Lauder Double Wear is great, everybody already knows it's an amazing foundation and blah, blah, blah...
Sorry, but i'm not going to be writing about Double Wear today. 80% of you already know that Estée Lauder Double Wear is a great long wearing foundation. However, we are here for new beginnings, to discuss one of my recent favourites.

The lancôme teint idole ultra wear foundation, is now available in 45 shades, with a lightweight, yet full coverage and non-cakey finish. Pretty sure you've heard that description many times before.

My favourite fragrances

Hey guys!

Like most people, I love to smell great and I also love having a signature scent, which is usually quite florally and sweet. Not only do I feel like it portrays my personality but it also illustrates that I take care of myself and the way I am presented. In other words I love to smell nice!

Off coarse everyone has their acquired tastes and these are a few of my favourite perfumes. Also a disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any of these brands, they are genuinely my fave.

What does university not teach you

I was always encouraged to go university and get that lovely degree picture with me smiling and holding my degree (a secretly rolled up cardboard with a ribbon wrapped around) because it was meant to change my life and show off my achievements, as well as illustrate that i did have a brain.

Being 4"10

That's right i am 4 foot 10, shocker! No i don't have dwarfism, i was just born short and healthy. When i meet a lot of people, i get the reaction "omg your so small", like i wasn't wary myself (sigh). But what is it actually like being a small person though?