Jumping On Trends

Hi all!

I will be honest and confirm that i am a hypocrite upon the subject of jumping on board with trends. As much as i try and convince myself that i will not conform and be different, it never really works out.

But here is a great question for you to think about so early on in this post. What trends have you been a part of? Were there any that you were ashamed of being involved in?

Now, there are many trends i could write about however, i would rather keep this post short and less of a dissertation #dissertationmonth (even though I completed mine last year).

So i am going to start off with one of the most obvious recent trends, that i have been in love with; Chunky trainers! Yep you're either a lover or a hater. For those who have stalked my Instagram or are about to, you will realise i have recently adopted this style of fashion into my wardrobe.

I recently purchased Fila Disrupters 2, yes i'm ashamed, as much as you are (not really). It did hurt to see my money being purchased on a item that everyone was wearing and had been on trend, but what can i say they looked good on me. Plus my credit card was moaning at me to be used (wants to insert eye emojis that are looking the other way, as well as the women shrugging).

For someone that was pretty late jumping on the general trainers bandwagon, i felt pretty proud of myself. My decision to purchase these chunky trainers was solely due to finding them look very trendy and cool on petite girls. Also i wanted to add something a bit funky and bold to my shoe collection.

Before i did purchase my Fila's, i did have the worry of what i would pair them with, if i could pull them off. I’m not a fashion guru, stylist or whatever you want to call it, however i do know that "pulling off" is something everyone can do as long as you wear your item with confidence. So that's exactly what i did...

As a petite girl, what we wear can either elongate our body and make us seem taller or we can either wear something that completely shatters that illusion and make us look very, very small.

For one my trips to london, i decided to wear long red culottes with my trainers. This is something that i wouldn't think to really wear as it was slightly outside my comfort zone but for some reason it actually went well! I mean i looked a bit hipster but i was digging it. I paired this with a white T-shirt, that had sarcastic comments loading (illustrating a bit of my personality) and a denim jacket.

I felt confident and i believe the filas were a great touch to my outfit. Not gonna lie though my feet did die in 23 degrees heat, but the point is i walked around comfortably whilst feeling stylish.

As a petite person, you would think heels are my thing however, i hate heels, they hurt my feet and i would rather not torture myself to look taller. However, with chunky trainers having off coarse the obvious "chunky" sole, does slighly, super slightly make you look taller. Even though the photo on the left will not give a good representation of the point i'm making, but does illustrate how weird my knees look. I feel like i looked a bit taller in pictures with my friends, either that or I'm hopelessly dillusioned with the shattered dreams of being taller.

Overall i believe jumping on a trend, isn't a bad thing. Buying fashion is one thing, but the way you style and wear it is unique to only you.

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  1. Excellent blog! I love the way you write, very funky and quirky indeed! The trainers are really nice and suit you!