What do i want to be?

I loved being a kid, it was the only time in my life i was so sure about what i wanted to be when i was older. I remember wanting to be an engineer to the silly old wanting to be famous. Despite none of these actually happening i still aspired to be something as a young child.

Growing up i slowly lost that career focused mind, i became more confused about who i was and what i wanted to become. This later became more difficult as i started GCSE's, A levels and university. Narrowing down subjects depending on my career choice was difficult because i did not know what i wanted to be. To add to the confusion, many individuals tried to force me into careers and make my decision for me, but honestly i never listened to them. They only pushed me into science careers and i did not enjoy science and neither was i amazing at it. Basically don't listen to other people they confuse you more.

When i decided to go university, it was difficult as i had a lot of pressure to do a science type degree. It was during my second year of A levels i decided that Chemistry was not for me and so i dropped it. On the other hand i really enjoyed history, i never thought about studying the subject at university until i did some research and realised that it was considered a good degree subject. Doing history would not force me in a certain career, i was open to different options due to all the skills i would gain from doing a history degree. Off coarse, many people thought i was bonkers for wanting do a history degree, a lot of individuals told me i would get no where in my life because it was a pointless degree and there was nothing i could do with it. Me being me, every time this was said i would open up a page that listed all the benefits, including careers and skills, which did shut them up.

Fast-forwarding to now, i have finished university and having so many careers as options it is confusing to decide which one i want to opt for. Being a creative, enthusiastic person, the insurance and financial world doesn't seem appealing, but the real question is, is good money worth going into boring job? Personally finding something you know your going to enjoy and be good at is what matters, even if it is completely unrelated to your degree. Now this may be hard to find and currently i am on search for a career that enables me to be me and show off who i am and what i've always wanted to be.

To get to this stage i learnt that you should not force yourself into a career or to love something that you actually don't, you will be better off in life doing what you enjoy rather than facing regrets.

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