Being 4"10

That's right i am 4 foot 10, shocker! No i don't have dwarfism, i was just born short and healthy. When i meet a lot of people, i get the reaction "omg your so small", like i wasn't wary myself (sigh). But what is it actually like being a small person though?

The Good side:

  • Everybody thinks I'm cute, i could look super ugly and still somehow be cute. I know doesn't make sense to me either
  • I can pay child fare on the bus, well in the holidays 
  • I can be lazy. You really think sometimes i can't reach the top shelf, no my friend i can't be bothered to try or get a chair so i let you do the work for me
  • I don't get aunties approaching me for marriage because they think I'm 12 years old
  • I am super huggable 
  • I always have leg room
  • I fit into the most smallest places ever - amazing for hide and seek
  • I can skip queues because no ones sees me so i somehow walk straight to the front without no one realising
  • When I'm 30, ill probably look 20
  • I am really good at sneaking around and scaring people
The Bad side:
  • People use my head as an arm rest. Yeah no
  • No one ever takes me seriously when I'm angry
  • No one actually believes that I'm 21, which makes it a bit hard to act grown up
  • I get ID'd a lot, even for red bull
  • "how's school?" erm i don't go to school I've actually graduated from university 
  • Clothes are too big and some sites don't do petite
  • I have small feet as well, I'm size 2 in heels which makes my life more difficult than it needs to be when finding shoes
  • Some people walk in to me 
  • When I'm shopping for food or clothes and i want something on the top shelf/rack but i can't reach. Not only do i look stupid jumping up and down but to save the embarrassment i sometimes just walk away with a sad face.
  • When you stand next to someone tall, people laugh like crazy
  • Nicknames such as dwarf and midget are actually very very offensive
  • People feel sorry for me, they also think i hate myself for being small

Overall, being small can be good and bad, but i love the way i am. I'm so grateful to be born as a healthy person, so height doesn't matter to me. A lot of people try and give me remedies on becoming taller or feel sorry for me and honestly it is annoying. At the end of the day, good things come in small packages, nothing is going to change my height and i don't want to change my height. I love being a 4"10 woman.

Let me know if you can relate to being small and the problems associated. If your tall however, i would  love what problems tall people face.

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