Infallible pro-glow: Drugstore foundation

Every night i always browse on youtube for reviews and tutorials on makeup, just so i know what is worth adding to my shopping basket during those days where i have the urge to shop, which just so happens to be most days.

For university i would use the l'oreal infallible total cover foundation, which i absolutely love due to its high coverage and affordability. Don't get me wrong i do use my high end foundation, with my favourite being Estee Lauder Double Wear, but i like to save that for special occasions or when I'm wearing makeup for a long period of time.

Moving on, i wanted a new foundation, with summer coming up soon i was falling in love with a more dewy finish that was natural and skin-like. After hearing amazing reviews about the l'oreal infallible pro-glow foundation i was eager to get my hands on it.

Unfortunately it isn't available in actual stores, however it is available online on amazon. Being so eager to get my hands on this foundation, i was very unimpressed when my delivery decided to come a week late. The foundation itself retails at a price of £11.99, which is very affordable. It can also be purchased at this link: Amazon, just in case you were wondering.

Once i did get hold of the foundation, you can guess what happened, it went straight on my face. I used my damp beauty blender to blend the foundation in, which i would say is a medium to full coverage and very buildable without looking cakey. As well as, only a little amount was needed to add one layer to my face, which i did build on in areas that i wanted more coverage. As promised, it gave me a very dewy natural skin like finish perfect for summer.

The foundation claims to be 24 hour wearing, which i did test. It wore well on my cheeks, forehead and chin but as i expected it clogged up and faded from the oily parts of my face, especially my nose. I also found the foundation to be slightly transfer on my clothes and glasses, after hoping it would be non-transferable.

Despite this, it was pretty long wearing especially after not powdering my face throughout the day and i did love the dewy finished look it gave me. For the affordable price i would say it is quite a good drugstore foundation and can be seen as dupe to many of the high end foundations such as the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. This foundation is good for just a casual everyday basis however i personally would not use it for special occasions or if i knew i would be wearing makeup for a long period of time, as it does slightly fade away. Off coarse this is just my opinion.

Have you tried this foundation? Would you say it's a dupe for the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I loved reading your thoughts on this, I have been so curious about this foundation! It is definitely a lot cheaper than my favourite Too Faced foundation, I love the sound of the medium to full coverage :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

    1. Thank you for reading my post! I checked out you blog by the way its amazing love the set out too. Always need a good high-end and a good drugstore foundation in the bag. Off coarse, I've followed you :)

      Bandana (Je Suis Bandana)

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