My favourite fragrances

Hey guys!

Like most people, I love to smell great and I also love having a signature scent, which is usually quite florally and sweet. Not only do I feel like it portrays my personality but it also illustrates that I take care of myself and the way I am presented. In other words I love to smell nice!

Off coarse everyone has their acquired tastes and these are a few of my favourite perfumes. Also a disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any of these brands, they are genuinely my fave.


Hopefully, I'm not the only one that starts to sing "gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang" whenever they hear the brand name Gucci. Anyways, I thought I would start off with the least florally scent in my little perfume collection which is the Gucci Guilty perfume by Gucci. Personally, I only wear this on weddings as the scent is pretty strong and I usually need something that powers through all the dancing and humidity. On an everyday basis, this usually isn't my first pick because it is so strong and it isn't a fruity scent. I would describe it as a more musky, heavy scent, which definitely isn't for everybody. It's one of those fragrances that you can either like or completely be put off.

I love the packaging, off coarse the Gucci logo is amazing and I love the colour gold, just makes it really classy. However, its mirrored, reflective surface means you can see fingerprints and it gets dirty but, nothing that can't be cleaned.

You can get this perfume at this link :


We all know Zara for its chic clothes and bags but if you have a little peak near the till, they usually have Zara perfumes. If you get bored and just want to have a sniff, you will actually realise that they smell pretty great and are usually sold at a good price - I think most of them are under £20. Even though, all of them could pretty much be my favourite, I really like the Zara, Joyful Tuberose. This fragrance has a sweet rose and vanilla undertone to it which I personally love! This particular perfume is usually my go to, I used to especially wear this a lot during university to my lectures and seminar, as it used to last a pretty long time. One thing i do love, is that its one of those scents that you can smell on yourself and so can others, but it isn't extremely strong and powerful like the Gucci one. It isn't the type of perfume to hurt someone's nose, if you've been there you will know that it isn't a very pleasant experience. Instead you will receive the compliment "wow, you smell nice".

I love the packaging just because it is really simple however, I do wish it was transparent, so I was able to see how much I had left. This retails at a price of £9.99, which I think is a bargain considering how amazing it smells.

I thought you could only get this in store but it's actually on the Zara website as well:


Out of my favourites, this is my number one, Chloé Eau De Toilette. It's just a really natural, feminine scent that has a floral undertone to it rather than fruity. I usually spritz Chloé, whenever I have a special outing or occasion, as I want to have a more feminine, chic scent. Every time, I wear this fragrance it just makes me feel so classy, it's not an overpowering scent but its neither too sweet to be classified as a really girly girl scent. I can only describe it as just perfect, plus the packaging is just so chic, its not overly crazy with its design and the colour of the bow illustrates that quite natural scent look. However, it isn't the cheapest and the prices can range from £40 to £80 depending on the ml.

You can see the prices and cost on the John Lewis website, i personally have the 30ml one:

My next favourite is a gift that I received from Ibiza, and it is from the Pacha brand, which is a night club that has also expanding into having their own products such as perfumes. The particular scent I have is called Clandestine. It is super fruity, with a slight bit of clubby scent to it, if you get what I mean - wow I'm so good at describing. As you may be able to guess, with the gold cherry on the bottle, it has a cherry undertone to its scent. I've noticed quite a lot of fruity scents don't really last that long, but this particular fragrance has a magic of it own and lasts a super long time, without a change in the actual scent itself. The bottle I have is 80ml which I think is pretty good! Although I do wish the actual bottle itself had a lid, however i love the cute diamond like bottle with the cherry, its quite girly girl.

Good Girl

The last of my favourites is Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, besides how insane the bottle looks, it smells amazing. I'm not gonna lie the main reason I was intrigued by the perfume was because the bottle shape was crazy, I mean its the shape of a heel how cool is that! Secondly it has this amazing scent to it, I would describe it as being similar to the Gucci one just not as musky and more natural like Chloe. Just like the shape of the bottle, it speaks complete elegance and classic femininity. I got this perfume when i was on holiday in the Canary Islands, I think I got it for 40 Euros, not too sure but it was definitely slightly cheaper than the price in Pounds so, as you can imagine I was super happy with my purchase.

The packaging looks great, however the lid which is the heel of the bottle doesn't always fit securely on the actually bottle, it is quite loose and tends to come off a lot.

It is quite an expensive perfume which ranges from £50-£95 however, the prices increases with the ml as probably expected.

However, you can purchase this fragrance at:

Hope you guys liked this post! Make sure to let me know your favourite perfumes in the comment section :)


  1. Lovely post! You have a great way of communicating with your audience, keep it up! My favourite is Hollister So Cal & Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce, you should check it out some time, though I believe the A&F fragrance has been changed from the original smell prior to 2017!

  2. omg great post! Super helpful. I love to smell good it's super rare that I leave the house without a little spritz but I definitely struggle with finding new scents. I usually just go with whatever tester I get at the drug store LOL! you've got a great list here!
    xx J