What does university not teach you

I was always encouraged to go university and get that lovely degree picture with me smiling and holding my degree (a secretly rolled up cardboard with a ribbon wrapped around) because it was meant to change my life and show off my achievements, as well as illustrate that i did have a brain.

Are you different to the other graduates?
What a lot of people don't realise is, as great as the whole university experience is, your just the same as most people when you come out of university, you have a degree but no experience.
Right now, i am in my after-grad life, in which i have realised that a degree does not value as much. In fact having experience is more key, not only does it make you unique and stand out but it shows that your aware of how the work environment is like.

I've hit that rut in which i need experience however, i need experience after graduating. University doesn't emphasise how important experience exactly is, the encouragement to do placements and work experience is lacking. Even outside of university no one encouraged me to work whilst i was studying or even get experience, so i carried on studying just my degree.

Investing, renting, buying

University misses out a lot of real life general knowledge you need to know, such as buying a house, investing or having your own business. About handling finances and accounts etc. you do get some experience if you have had the opportunity to live out for university, in which you do have to look for your own accomodation, pay rent and manage your finances. That is however, only one slice of the pie there is so much more to the reality when your an adult and your working, maybe have your own business and buying and renting properties. Having finished university i've realised that theres a lot of general knowledge that i am not equipped on, which could come in handy in my life.

Networking and Connections

Throwing a lot of information on our degree and making us regurgitate it on an essay is great but real life is more than just that. University does not emphasise the importance of networking and building connections. I remember my university had us set up a LinkedIn account and have 20+ connections as one of our assignments, they did not explain the importance of this and the relevance of connections. Networking and connections can take a person far, it can build a business and create some successful relationships. By networking and connecting with others you get to show one of the most important skills which is communication. 

Overall university itself is a great experience, you do grow and change as a person and have some amazing times, but the reality after can sometimes be unexpected and you can be quite unprepared for it.


  1. I’ve never been to university myself and have to keep reassuring myself that I’m still worthy even I don’t have a ‘degree’ or ‘certificate’ to prove it but reading your post was such a reassuring reminder that there’s so much more to life than just getting that recognition on a piece of paper. Experience and networking and gaining real life experiences truly is key! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us! It was wonderfully insightful! I wish you all the best in your post-grad life!

    1. Thank you for reading my post! You can definitely go far with experience and who you know, a lot of people who are billionaires and have made names for themselves haven't attended university. Aaawww thank you so much! xx