New Beginnings

Who doesn't love a bit of glow?  
As the cold, icy winter passes by, the sun and birds are out, as well as my spring/summer makeup. Even though the summer sweat creates magic in itself; making me glow a bit more than i need to, we can all agree finding a foundation that keeps oilyness at bay, yet lasts all day long is hard.
Now, i know what you're thinking, Estée Lauder Double Wear is great, everybody already knows it's an amazing foundation and blah, blah, blah...
Sorry, but i'm not going to be writing about Double Wear today. 80% of you already know that Estée Lauder Double Wear is a great long wearing foundation. However, we are here for new beginnings, to discuss one of my recent favourites.

The lancôme teint idole ultra wear foundation, is now available in 45 shades, with a lightweight, yet full coverage and non-cakey finish. Pretty sure you've heard that description many times before.

Every foundation offers, a somewhat similar intriguing description, that most don't tend to actually stick by, hence why i snatched a sample rather than paying for the bottle at first sight. As much as i love the foundation, i'm not gonna lie it's pretty expensive! It retails for about £33. Therefore, i wanted to test it out for myself, plus i didn't find many reviews on the foundation.
I can conclude that the foundation is absolutely great! Unlike Double wear it doesn't feel heavy on my face and has a more natural skin-like finish. Basically, i look photoshopped and flawless like i have been facetuned in real life.
Just for the record, my shade is Natural Beige however, the foundation does oxidise slightly. Therefore, i would highly recommend to either pick up a sample, or get your shade matched at a counter. Definitely, do not just look at the shade of the bottle and presume it will match you.
The foundation offers a satin finish, therefore it doesn't completely matify your face, instead it keeps intact a skin like glow appearance. Hence, why i believe it is perfect for all seasons and for all skin types. 
Now for all those girls with a yellow undertone, this foundation is perfect. Not only does it offer a range of undertones, but they're also highlighted quite subtly, rather than changing the entire colour of your face.
Moving on to longevity, every time i see 24 Hour wear on a bottle i do get slightly suspicious. I mean i only need the foundation to last up to 15 hours realistically, but 24 hours really?

Of coarse, the longevity claim had to be put to the test, i wore this foundation for 15 hours, with one touch up. Now i can say it did last all day long rather than sweating off and leaving clumpy remains. However, my nose as usual was pretty oily and the foundation had slightly clumped around it; my smile lines had also become more visible. 

In comparison to other foundations, this definitely didn't look that bad, i wasn't disappointed as i did expect my t-zone to become oily. However, Double Wear does last slightly more longer on my nose, but the Lancome foundation still looked pretty flawless with no signs of budging.

So, that is one claim solved, the second is that it is transfer proof. My foundation always transfers on to my clothes as well as other people's clothes, so again i was slightly skeptical. 
Had i just found the key to wearing white tops and shirts without getting foundation all over it?
Now the answers is a Yes and a No. A foundation transfer does depend on your primer, however that still doesn't completely avoid it from transferring on to your clothes. This foundation when applied at first will transfer on your clothes, which is pretty obvious as its fresh and wet, therefore it needs time to melt into your skin.
However, after a couple of hours it does become non-transferable, hurrah!
Cake Face
I feel like this foundation does seem to claim quite a few things, which so far it has lived up to, but let's discuss the cake face. I have been a victim of slapping on too much foundation on my face, then going out into natural light and looking like a cake with loads of flour on top. So again, knowing that i could build up the coverage without having a cakey-face was pretty exciting. 
The coverage for this foundation when you build it up, is just seamless. Rather than looking cakey, it still hold that natural skin-like finish, which i have discovered with two layers. But, it also smoothes uneven textures on your skin, which literally makes you look facetuned.
All in all to summarise everything, it is a pretty great foundation! it definitely wins that high spot alongside double wear. Again, it is expensive but i personally think for £33 it is worth it. It is accurate, in terms of what it claims which you don't discover with many products. 
Everyone, of coarse has their own opinion, therefore i would definitely try a sample first.
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