The secret to my long hair?

Over the years i've had a lot of difficulty with my hair, it's been damaged at the ends, brittle and dry.

Seeing my long hair shed and get thinner and shorter over the years was heartbreaking; considering I don't cut or trim my hair the only options I had was to explore various hair care products.

After a ton of experimenting, I have finally found a hair oil that not only works for me but has an amazing ingredient list that i'm a little obsessed with!

The Sardar Co Nourishing Hair oil.

  This is a Unisex hair oil with 100% natural ingredients including Argan, Jojoba and Marula Oil. We can all agree the packaging looks amazing! Its very unique and different.

How do i use this oil?

Before washing, I pump a generous amount of product and apply this to both my scalp and the ends of my hair, I let this sit between 2 - 4 hours before washing. This is a great way of treating dry and brittle hair, harsh ingredients in shampoos can strip your scalp of its natural essential oils leaving hair dry. By using this technique before pre-wash it will ensure your hair is conditioned and nourished.

Once I have washed my hair and its slightly damp, I will brush my hair out using a tangle teezer. Next, I will either air dry or use a hairdryer to completely dry my hair.

At this point, the ends of my hair are quite frizzy, so I use two pumps of the Sardar Co oil. I rub this in between my fingers slightly to warm it up, then run my fingers through only the ends of my hair. I emphasise only as your scalp naturally gets oily, however with longer hair it takes more time for that oil to reach the ends of my hair. Therefore, the bottom of my hair tends to be drier and needs more love to which this hair oil provides.

I tie my hair into a loose low bun using a velvet scrunchie, which is softer on my hair and will ensure less breakage.


Hair oils sound scary, realistically no one wants to make their hair look greasy (not me for sure). Many hair oils can often have this affect however, the Sardar Co hair oil is not one of them.
It was slightly mesmerising to see how unlike most oils, the Sardar Co oil does not sit on top of my hair but rather absorbs into it which I absolutely love! It illustrates that the oils sole purpose isn't to make my hair shiny but rather to nourish my hair strands. 

Having used this hair oil alongside no heat and a velvet scrunchie, I truly can say my hair is the best it has ever been. My hair is growing, its healthier and thicker, which is something I genuinly thought I would never be able to say again.

Ingredient list

Since lockdown, i've taken an interest in reading ingredients (you can imagine how bored i was). Its important to read ingredients in products because many of them secretly contain harsh ingredients than can be damaging rather than beneficial such as alcohol.

Rather than me having to search every single ingredient and its benefit, the Sardar Co have done an amazing job at including a leaflet inside that explains each ingredients and its benefit.

Not only am I educated now in what i'm putting in my hair but I feel trusted in the brand and its use of natural ingredients.

I guess the secret is out now to how I look after my long uncut hair. If you would like to try the hair oil yourself you can purchase it at 
You can also get an extra 15% using the Code “BANDB15”, how amazing is that! 

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