The complicated thing about age

The day I say I'm too old or too young to do something, I hope someone slaps me back into reality because the excuse is lame.

During lockdown I've had more time to focus and listen to myself, I've learnt that quite often because of societal pressure and social media I feel at my age I should be settled in a job, in a relationship, getting a house, a new car and be living my life. Can you believe I thought like that?

There is nothing wrong with having all those things at a young age however, it's completely okay to not have those things either during your 20s. Everyone has their own time to achieve their career, their relationship, their dream house; yet this can be a difficult thing to understand and fully accept.

Society makes us feel like we should have achieved certain things at a particular age; it's quite often you can feel looked down upon when you're achieving something at a later age rather than sooner. It's made worse when people compare you to another person *cough, asian aunties*

Unfortunately we don't always need a person to make us feel terrible, social media can have that ability. 

I love social media, I love editing pictures, connecting with people, laughing at memes etc. However, I do have a couple of rules for myself when using social media:

1. Don't compare yourself to other people's physical apprearances and lives

2. Remember social media can be deceiving; reality is different

3. Don't let social media affect my emotions and mentality for the negative

4. Use social media to show genuine appreciation towards  others

Ever since I have put these rules into place, I not only feel more confident and happier as a person but mentally content with myself.

Despite me mentioning it's okay to achieve things at a later age in life, you shouldn't use age as an excuse. Individuals don't achieve things soley due to it being the right age now to achieve your goals. Individuals achieve due to motivation of wanting to pursue and accomplish their goal at some point in their life, whatever the age.

Although one can achieve the "perfect" career, relationship, house etc. They can still feel unhappy because along with all those lovely sounding things, people get stressed. Stress with being able to manage finances, a relationship, and the dream yet demanding job.

I recently watched a documentary by Zac Efron called 'Down to Earth' on Netflix, one of the episodes looked at blue zone areas - areas where people live to 100 and are still perfectly healthy. One of the main factors that was noticeable within these people were they lived a life of low stress and happiness. Stress is harmful to our bodies.

Whether you have or haven't yet acommplished your goals, you inevitably still get stressed. This stress intensifies with the added pressure of having to achieve something at a certain age and then you feel even worse seeing poeple of a younger or similar age being business billionaires on Instagram.

Honestly, age is just a number, it should not stress you out. It should not affect your achievements or aspirations. 

If you want to pursue a certain goal, don't go for it on the basis and need to have achieved so many things by a certain age.  Go for it because you want to achieve this goal in your lifetime. You want to achieve this goal because it will make you happy.

You are never too old or too young to accomplish the things that make you happy. 

If anyone tries to use your age as way to compare you to someone else...tell them to shut up in the kindest way possible :)
                            ...or just walk away (better idea).


  1. This post is really motivational πŸ˜‡
    We should not get stressed by society or social media.....
    Goals can be achieved irrespective of the age factor....

    Thank you for sharing this post πŸ˜‡

    JENISH |

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